Let's gather together

We would be delighted to welcome you to the Host Leadership Gathering 2020 in Vienna, Austria. Together, we will have three days full of inspiration, co-creation, learning, acting, observing and reflecting about the brea(d)th, impact and meaning of Hosting and Host Leadership in your working environments.

Host Leadership - briefly explained

Hosting is an ancient yet modern art to build relationships with others. The act of inviting someone, of welcoming them, of responding to their needs whilst taking responsibility for their safety offers a frame through which many dimensions of leadership can be viewed.

Think of yourself as a host, and the others involved as your guests. Imagine, how this idea will change behaviour.

One of the most important aspects of leading as a host is the art of stepping forward – and then stepping back. People expect leaders to step forward – after all, that is how they get attention, get their message across, begin to engage with people. Good hosts know, however, that it is equally important to step back, to allow space for others to engage, for people to connect, for multiple conversations to develop. When good leaders step back, they are not simply vanishing from the scene. They are alert, aware, looking around, talking to different groups, seeing how things are going. That is how they know when to step forward again, and in which role.

In Host Leadership, we talk about roles (instead of rules). A role is something you take on when needed and hosts change roles often, depending on the circumstances. The six roles are: Initiator – getting things moving, Inviter – involving others, Space Creator – building the context for interaction, Gatekeeper – negotiating the boundaries, Connector – link people and expertise together and, of course, Co-Participator – leading AND joining in.

Learn more about Host Leadership at http://hostleadership.com/ and in brief through this article Lead as a Host not a Hero – Leadership that Builds Engagement and Performance by Mark McKergow.

What will happen at the Gathering

On the first day, we plan a creative dive into the host model with its six roles, four positions and two movements. Mark McKergow, Rolf Katzenberger, Veronika Kotrba and Ralph Miarka will accompany you through this day.

Day two is all about sharing practice reports and inspiration. We are looking forward to great short talks and workshops from people who use the host model in their daily lives and talk about their experiences and approaches. If you are willing to contribute actively, we invite your ideas.

If you wish, we enjoy the second evening of the gathering together. The dinner takes place at your own expense to keep the ticket price low, and we are happy to organise a nice restaurant for all of us who want to join.

On the third day, we provide the castle, the park and a lot of materials so that you can discuss, create and talk about your personal fields of application and ideas with the other participants. We are already looking forward to this colourful and lively Open Space day.

Be our guest in the beautiful Miller-Aichholz Palace in Vienna from May 13th-15th, 2020.

Be part of it

We would be more than happy to welcome you to this event. Nobody else has your experiences, your ideas, your visions and your questions that can enrich us all so much. Let’s take an important step together towards “cooperative leadership” and establish the idea of hosting and being a guest in the world of work. Miller-Aichholz Castle has room for you and another 79 great guests. And we can hardly wait to look at the future of cooperation anew in this wonderful historical ambience.

Call for Contributions

Dear Host Leader, we invite you to share your story of acting as a host leader with the other participants or to dive into a workshop with them to ignite learning and reflection.

  • How do you apply the principles, roles, positions and movements of the Host Leadership Model in your daily practice?
  • What creative training and leadership development ideas have you developed on this topic?
  • What impact does Host Leadership have on the cooperation and performance of your employees and customers?

Please send us your proposal for contribution following the motto: “The Brea(d)th of Hosting”.

We prepared a little form to help you and us to provide and to get all the information needed. Please fill it in and submit it as Microsoft Word Document or as PDF file to office@sinnvoll-fuehren.com.

EXTENSION: Please submit by February 28th latest. We will then try to create the program as quickly as possible.


Special Invitation

If you still have time and interest on Saturday to spend another day with us, the sinnvollFÜHREN team invites you to visit the beautiful zoo Schönbrunn.

It was founded by the Habsburgs in 1752 and is the oldest zoo in the world. In Anthony Sheridan’s zoo ranking, the zoo was named as the best European zoo five times in a row (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2018).

We would get a guided tour there at 10am and of course also visit our “foster kids”, the rock penguins. The tour takes about 2 hours. Afterwards you can – as long as you want – have a free look around the Tiergarten all day long.

Come and join the Host Leadership Gathering

Vienna waits for you

We have 3 different ticket categories for the Host Leadership Gathering. Each ticket includes your 3-day participation in the entire event, as well as lunch and break catering on all three days.

1. The Ambassador-Ticket: There are only 10 of them at 432 Euro each (+20% VAT) – and we ask you to book it if you are ready to promote the gathering actively together with us. You will be practically part of the team and we will ask you from time to time to share and link news about the event that we post on the social networks.

2. The Early Supporter-Ticket: 20 of them are available at 454 Euro each (+20% VAT) – with your quick booking and payment you will help us to organise the gathering well in advance. Thank you very much for your support.

3. The Participant-Ticket: we have prepared 50 of them at 475 Euro each (+20% VAT) – and we would be very happy if you would save yours for yourself right away.

Host Leadership Gathering 2020

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Wednesday May 13, 2020
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Friday May 15, 2020
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Europahaus Wien, Linzer Str. 429, 1140 Wien

The Miller-Aicholz Palace and the House of Europe are a magnificent venue for this gathering.

Please check out the possibilities on
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Hotel Europahaus

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Hotel Europahaus

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Your Organising Team in Vienna

We are here to help you to make this a great gathering for all.

Sponsors and Supporters

We like to say “Thank you!” to our sponsors and supporters. Should you like to sponsor and support us as well, please contact us.

Sunny greetings from your sinnvollFÜHREN Team

Hosts of the "Host Leadership Gathering 2020"